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SketchUp For Architecture

Duration: 100 Hours
Prerequisite: Experience with CADD software and understanding of architectural design/drafting or interior design or landscape design. 

Materials Provided: Book, Software, and reading materials.

Methods of Instruction: Lecture, Reading, Hands-on assignments, and projects (trainees are encouraged if allowed, to bring actual work projects).

Course Description: This course will walk students through each step of the SketchUp process from the early stages of schematic design and model organization for both renovation and new construction projects to final documentation, students will learn how to maximize the LayOut toolset for drafting and presentations.  Covers workflow method that helps to make design tasks easier and gives the information needed to incorporate varying degrees of SketchUp into their design process.  Students will learn the best practices for organizing projects and drafting schematics and suggestions for working with LayOut tool set that contains example plans, details, sections, presentations, and other information.  Students will learn SketchUp and LayOut as BIM, File and Folder Management, Base Template, Toolbars, SketchUp Collections, LayOut Environment and more.

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