Salaries for Massage Therapists

Salaries for Massage Therapists

massage therapy school in riversideMassage therapists not only have flexible hours and rewarding careers helping clients feel better, but, they can also make a good living. By reading on you can get an insight into how much you can earn as a massage therapist, some of the tools you will need to start a massage business and how long it typically takes to build a successful massage business.

Massage therapy salaries will vary depending on person’s experience, practice location or business proprietorship, there are massage practitioners who have made more than one hundred and eighty thousand united states dollars a year and more, there are also massage therapists who scrape by month by month. In between, there are a broad range of folks, including full timers, part timers and entrepreneurs with multiple head count employees. Massage therapists earn a comparable annual income to other health care support workers. According to the United States bureau of labour statistics, today’s massage therapists ….

  • Charge an average sixty dollars per hour for one hour of massage.
  • Reasonable billing range of between twenty five and one hundred United States dollars for massage therapy services.
  • Earn an average wage of forty two United States dollars per hour for all massage related work including tips
  • Earn an average annual income of nearly thirty thousand United States dollars including tips for around fifteen hours of massage per week.
  • Earn between thirty seven thousand and sixty thousand United States dollars per year with the top ten per cent earning sixty six thousand and higher for full time massage work.

If you want to become a massage therapist purely on the dollar value, thing will probably not unfold for you. If it is your heart pushing you into massage therapy you will have a phenomenal career as you have to have it in you to help people and this should be your main motivation.

The tools you will need to start your own massage therapy business effect your salary, being prepared with the right equipment is an important part of starting up a massage therapy business. Depending on the massage practice you choose there are some tangible items you may need to purchase or lease that can influence your overall net income, you will need for example a massage table or chair, multiple sets of sheets and aromatherapy oils or lotion. Other massage therapy business cost also affect your annual income like; advertising and marketing, association dues and fees, health insurance, laundry services, liability insurance and room or space rent.

Of course, your desire to help others is an inspirational tool that is very helpful when joining the massage therapy community – this dedication will help you a lot in giving you a rewarding career when working with clients. Your level of success in massage will depend on your skills, your ambition, your ability to network and your ability to market yourself. Enjoying the fruits of a thriving massage therapy practice can take anything from a few months to a few years, though some do take even longer.

Becoming a massage therapist is a rewarding career for any individual interested in helping others decrease anxiety, enhance sleep quality, and improve concentration while reducing fatigue so that you positively impact their daily lives. Contact an accredited massage therapy school today for more information on this exciting opportunity.