History and Mission Statement

The American College of Healthcare and Technology was founded in January, 1993, as a learning institution specializing in health education. Over the years, the need for well qualified, technical healthcare professionals has grown and expanded due to the ever increasing regulatory requirements for all medical providers. The current healthcare environment is demanding multi-skilled employees who can work effectively in teams. The staff and advisors of ACHT have responded by developing a specialized, industry oriented curricula, resulting in excellent training programs for the career minded student. We believe that applied learning is the best way to increase the students’ retention and comprehension rate. It is for this reason that we combine an externship/directed clinical program in addition to lab work. ACHT changed ownership in May 2009 and since then is operating with its new directors, faculty and staff members. ACHT is in the business of growing people who are stronger, more autonomous, more self-reliant, more competent and self-directed. We expect the best from people and believe that all people have aspirations and the potential to succeed. We believe that given the opportunity, coupled with assistance in opening employment opportunities that allow for application of training obtained, individuals will take the opportunity and excel.

Mission Statement

The American College of Healthcare and Technology aims to provide its students with a competitive edge in the health care industry by providing quality educational programs with industry driven curricula for industry demanded professions. Our students, faculty, staff and advisors are all involved in an interwoven pattern which demonstrates the positive effects to be gained from teamwork, professionalism, and a desire for ethical career advancement. By providing quality services, our goal is to develop graduates who have the knowledge and skills along with the insight and wisdom which allows them to maintain:
  • long-term career success in a health related field
  • high self esteem
  • a tolerance for difference
  • community involvement
  • the desire and the ability to be the very best that they can be
It is our educational goal to open doors and assist in creating access to opportunity for individuals who have the desire, aspirations and the level of commitment necessary for succeeding in a new career.

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