A Day in the Life of a Medical Administrative Assistant

A Day in the Life of a Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical Administrative AssistantOf all the programs we offer at ACHT, our Medical Administrative Assistant program probably prepares you for the most variable set of working conditions and job descriptions. In this blog post, we’ll do our best to give you a picture of what it’s like to work as a medical administrative assistant.

Medical administrative assistants are the people who keep medical offices afloat. Let’s imagine that you’re the administrative assistant at a private practice – let’s say in a chiropractor’s office. Here’s what your daily responsibilities and duties would look like.

Medical Administrative Assistants With Patients

Often, you’ll be the first person the patient meets when encountering a medical practice. If you’re a chiropractic assistant, you’ll speak with patients over the phone, answering simple questions like “is the doctor in on Thursday?” as well as medical questions like “I have whiplash from a car accident. Does your office help with this problem?” With time, you’ll get to know the doctor and his or her practice, and you’ll be able to talk openly and honestly about the services and limitations of your workplace.

In person, you’ll help patients complete necessary paperwork and speak to them about any concerns they might have about seeing your doctor. Additionally, you’ll have a basic understanding of “doctor speak” (medical terminology), so you’ll be able to interpret and clarify your doctor’s instructions for patients. As a medical administrative assistant, you’ll also help patients set their follow-up appointments, and you’ll call them a day or two beforehand to make sure they’re still planning to come in.

Medical Administrative Assistants Around the Office

You’ll also have a variety of office tasks, and you’ll be the one your doctor depends on to keep the facility running. In a chiropractor’s office, you’ll keep track of appointment and medical histories, billing and contact information, and equipment that’s at the office or needs to be re-ordered. You might help the chiropractor organize and file x-rays or appointment cards.

Though you’re not a medical biller or coder, you might take over some basic billing and coding-related tasks. Depending on your workplace, it might be your job to contact insurance companies and make sure people’s bills have been paid.

Medical Administrative Assistants in the Examination Room

As a medical administrative assistant, your job description varies significantly depending on the facility you work in and the doctor you work with. Some doctors might need you to help out with patient examinations and treatments. You might introduce yourself to patients and escort them to the appropriate rooms – in a chiropractic office, you might give new patients a quick explanation of the kinds of things they might experience before they meet the doctor. You should be able to talk to people, make them smile, and put them at ease.

Medical administrative assistants have a world of options available to them, and every medical office needs at least one. If you’re curious about our program or want to learn more about what it’s like to be a medical administrative assistant, get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you.