6 Reasons Vocational Schools are Back in Action

6 Reasons Vocational Schools are Back in Action

American College of Healthcare and Technology2You might be wondering whether ACHT is a good idea – why go to a trade school rather than a liberal arts college? The truth is that in recent years, career colleges and vocational schools have made a huge comeback all over the country and the world. People are starting to realize the benefits of real-world, down-to-earth training programs. Here’s what’s on their minds.

1. Time.

Career colleges don’t take as much time to complete as four-year bachelor’s programs do. Actually, they take half the time – sometimes even less. In 24 months or less, people who go to career colleges are out in the field, finding jobs, working and learning directly in their fields. Four-year degree graduates, on the other hand, often struggle to find work even after they’ve finished school, and so they lose 3, 4 or 5 years of potential employment time compared to their vocational school counterparts.

2. Money.

These days, you don’t want a six-figure student loan on your shoulders. Career colleges cost less than four-year programs do, and it’s almost always easier to get financial aid. If you do end up with student loans, it’s not the end of the world, because you have only two years of loans to pay off.

3. Jobs.

When you leave a career college, you’re looking at almost instant employment in many entry-level job positions.

4. Career advancement.

More importantly, you have options beyond entry-level positions. Vocational schools including ACHT show you ways in which you can not only get a stable job but also advance to a management or supervisor position over time. Career colleges are called “career” colleges because they care about long-term, upwardly mobile careers, not just jobs.

5. Relevance.

At career colleges like ACHT, you get an education that focuses on the here and now – all of your classes teach information that you can use every day in the field. Unlike four-year program students, you won’t spend your time on subjects that don’t apply to your chosen career.

6. Skills.

Perhaps the biggest reason that career colleges are making a comeback: they teach skills. Sure, ACHT has great relationships with healthcare employers, but in the end, our graduates get hired because they have the necessary skills to work and succeed in their fields. Generally, liberal arts colleges don’t train students for specific positions; instead, they believe in general background education. Then, they set you loose to find your own way. At ACHT, we believe that employability is about skill sets, so we give you the skill sets. We immerse you in all the subjects and training available in your field, so that you know everything about what you’re planning to do. When you look for a job, your skills fit the job, so that the job doesn’t have to adjust to accommodate you.

For many students, career colleges are the obvious choice. If you want to learn essential skills and enter the workforce with confidence, join the hundreds of thousands of students who have found success through career colleges (and who have made career colleges successful). Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of vocational training.