4 Ways to Get a Higher Medical Assistant Salary California

4 Ways to Get a Higher Medical Assistant Salary California

4 Ways to Get a Higher Medical Assistant Salary CaliforniaIn any field, you run the risk of getting paid less than you’re worth. As a medical assistant, this can be true as well, but you can make strategic decisions to avoid that and earn a higher medical assistant salary. Check out the steps below.

1. Get a good education.

The best thing you can bring to an employer is a good education. If you attended a good medical assistant training program, especially one your employer has heard of, your superiors know that they can trust you to work responsibly. They know that you are capable of using the new technology in your field, and if you aren’t that you’re willing to learn. Your employer will have more confidence in you from the get-go.

Furthermore, with a good education, you have the tools to show your employer over time that you deserve to be paid more. At a quality medical assisting program, you’ll take classes in medical ethics and communication along with the more practical classes. After a while, you’ll demonstrate to your employer that you do things better: you can write professional letters, for instance, or help organize large amounts of information into accessible categories. A good education gives you extra skills that allow you to take additional responsibilities and earn a higher medical assistant salary.

2. Gain experience.

The more experience you bring to work each day, the more your employer will have to lose by letting you go. Whether you’ve done only an externship in college or have worked in your field for 15 years, make your experience count. Look for experiences that will enrich you and introduce you to new things. When you do your continuing education, go to lectures and read articles about things you didn’t know about before. The more experience you have and the more diverse it is, the more the people who hire you will see you as a valuable resource, not just a regular person earning a medical assistant salary.

3. Work in a high-paying location.

Some states pay more than others, and some counties pay more within those states. The three West-coast states – Oregon, Washington and California – are in the group of states that pay medical assistants best. Interestingly, Colorado and Alaska are also on that list. Within a state, metropolitan areas tend to pay more. Work in a county near San Diego or another metropolitan area for a higher medical assistant salary.

4. Work in a high-paying facility.

Not all facilities pay medical assistants equally. Higher-stress jobs at psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals, for example, pay more than jobs at general hospitals do. If you’re looking to make more as a medical assistant, try one of these positions, or apply to work for an Insurance carrier, Dentist’s office, or research and development center.

You don’t have to be average. With the right education, job experience, and work environment, you can enjoy a higher medical assistant salary as well as a more fulfilling career. Contact ACHT about high-quality medical assistant programs today!