Why Surgical Technology Schools in California are Becoming More Popular

Why Surgical Technology Schools in California are Becoming More Popular

Surgical TechnologyLately, there has been a growing demand for surgical technology schools in California. Online and in print, people wanting to get jobs in operating rooms are looking for the best education to do that. Let’s talk about some of the reasons it’s happening.

1. Young people don’t see the point of liberal arts education.

Even before the Great Recession, the value of a liberal arts bachelor degree was declining. Slowly, a B.A. meant less and less, and in some fields, it became almost impossible to get a job without a Master’s, at which point the student loan debt was the size of a mortgage. It’s easy to see why the option of a liberal arts education is not too appealing anymore.

Career training schools, on the other hand, can move students through their programs in 15 to 18 months, and graduates often have jobs almost immediately. Career training is less expensive and seems to deliver better results, so the entire community of career training schools has grown. Among them, surgical technology schools in California have grown also.

2. Students see the healthcare industry booming.

You don’t have to be an economist to see that healthcare is doing well. Alongside the passage of the Affordable Care Act, facilities have expanded to include more patients, more locations and more employees.

Better yet, technological advances have made healthcare more effective and more affordable for more people. Doctors can work more efficiently and treat patients at a lower cost, which means more people are seeking care more frequently. Today, more patients are taking advantage of preventative care options than ever, and that makes for a healthier society and also a healthier health industry. Surgical technology schools in California allow students to move into this thriving sector.

3. Surgical technology is interesting.

Now that career training schools are accessible, why not pursue your dreams? As kids, many of us watched OR shows or read about surgical advances and thought, “Cool! What an interesting job.” But becoming a surgeon takes many years, and surgeons work long, unpredictable hours. Surgical technologists can participate in this exciting field without taking on the pressure and responsibility of the surgery itself. Surgical technology schools in California usher a new generation of people into their pursuit of the American dream – doing what they enjoy and making good money.

4. Students believe in themselves.

Speaking of making good money, students see that the top 10% of surgical technologists make $58,000 a year. Today, one of the reasons surgical technology schools in California are on the rise is that salary incentive – students believe they can be part of that 10%. If you work hard, gain experience, and really love your job, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your work and make a salary large enough to support a family.

People are flocking to surgical technology schools in California. Does this career interest you? It’s important to join a high-quality program at a school that’s properly accredited. Call us today for more information on the best surgical technology schools in California.