What it’s like to practice massage therapy in California

What it’s like to practice massage therapy in California

massage-therapyMany students wonder if it’s worth it to pursue ACHT’s dual physical therapy aide/massage therapist program. “What’s it like to practice massage therapy in California?” they wonder. We’ve done the research for you. Here’s some basic information about being a massage therapist in California.

Your role:

Massage therapy in California is about healing. Unlike many other health support professionals, massage therapists have a lot of autonomy, often designing courses of massage treatment for clients. As a therapist, you’ll listen to the patient and evaluate his or her condition. Using your knowledge of anatomy and massage techniques, you’ll provide care that you and your patient agree on.

It would be tough to discuss all the possible techniques at your disposal in one blog post. In general, people who practice massage therapy in California might work with a specific group of people – athletes, for example, or the elderly – or on specific conditions (such as arthritis pain or migraine relief). Some modalities of massage therapy include deep-tissue massage, Swedish massage, and sports massage.

Where you work:

Here’s the fun part. People who practice massage therapy in California enjoy a wide range of work environments. Since the number of commercial spas all over the country and especially in California is growing, many massage therapists work on spa teams. There are also companies that specialize in massage, such as Massage Envy. These businesses have popped up fairly recently due to the increase in interest in and knowledge about massage among the middle classes. Previously, massage was accessible mostly to wealthy people, but now, massage is becoming more widely recognized as a form of healing for everyone.

In California, many companies also promote their “employee-friendly” image by offering on-premises, corporate-sponsored massage on a regular basis. Many massage therapists work in a corporate environment, paid hourly by the company and scheduling one-on-one appointments with employees.

Finally, you can practice massage therapy in California by opening your own business. Set your own hours, make your own rules, and serve only those customers you’d like to work with. Running your own business can give you freedom and independence that other healthcare professionals rarely get.

Salary and job outlook:

It’s a good time to practice massage therapy in California – here, the average massage therapist makes $19.00 per hour. The top 10% of massage therapists make more than $70,000 a year! Even better, the field is growing. Between 2010 and 2020, massage therapists are expected to see a 20% increase in employment.

Massage therapists choose to practice massage therapy in California because they love working with people and seeing people feel better. Massage can help people recover from injuries or cope with chronic pain conditions; it can also reduce the negative effects of stress and anxiety, such as a weakened immune system and frequent tension headaches. However, as massage therapy becomes more mainstream, it becomes more important for massage therapists to obtain appropriate licensure. To become eligible to get a massage therapy license, you need to graduate from a training program. Put that killer neck rub talent to use: get trained to practice massage therapy in California today.