7 Great Reasons for making Medical Billing your Career

7 Great Reasons for making Medical Billing your Career

Medical Billing Job Summary: A career in Medical Billing and Coding is rewarding and is one of the best paid jobs in the healthcare administration field. Over the next 10 years, job opportunities in Medical Billing is expected to increase by 21% so there will be plenty of jobs in the future for people who have the right education.

If you’re looking to work in the healthcare administration field, the article below will give you some great insight into what it’s like to have a career in Medical Billing and Coding.

Original Article: Top 7 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Medical Billing
by Austin Marks

There are great reasons to consider a career in medical billing and coding. This field is an exciting and growing one and offers opportunities for great earnings and advancement with relatively little education. Here are the top seven reasons a career in medical billing and coding may be right for you.

1) Flexibility of job positions. Medical billers and coders have the opportunity to work in a wide variety of job environments. If you like the idea of working in a small doctor’s office with a familiar staff of friends, it is relatively easy to find such a position.

On the other hand, if you want to work for a large hospital or company, those jobs are out there, also. You can literally pick almost any size and type of job environment, including working from home, and make that desire a reality.

2) Ease of training. While medical billers and coders have to be specifically trained for their jobs, the training involves a relatively short period when compared to other jobs in the medical field, and the payoff is far more substantial than for many short-term training positions.

With only two years of training, your earning potential will far exceed that of many positions, even in the medical field, with similar educational demands. Best of all, with the wide variety of programs available for training medical billers and coders, you can finish your training in almost any amount of time.

3) Great salary. Most medical billers and coders make a good salary, especially after a few years on the job. While some of your salary is dependent on location and other external factors, a large determining factor in how much you make is up to you. By getting certified and searching out the best jobs, you can substantially increase your salary and open the door to further earning opportunities.

4) Responsibility and respect. Medical billers and coders are some of the most important people involved in making a doctor’s office or hospital profitable.

As a medical biller and coder, you can literally make the difference in whether your employer makes a living or must close his or her office by how you do your job. Because of the importance of this job category, most employers want to hire the very best medical billers and coders and are willing to pay them accordingly.

5) Opportunity to certify. Certification equates with professionalism, and medical billers and coders have several opportunities to achieve national certification that is recognized by medical personnel across the country. Becoming certified can be the key to opening great job opportunities for you as a medical biller or coder.

6) Work you can do anywhere. As telecommuting becomes more common, more medical billers and coders will work from home or remote locations. This may be a very big concern for mothers with small children, for example. By working from home and saving babysitting fees, you may actually double your earning power as opposed to going out and working in an office.

7) Enjoyment. While medical billing and coding may not seem, at first glance, to offer opportunities for excitement, many medical billers and coders note that they get to work with and talk to a wide variety of people every day, making their jobs very enjoyable.

They also get to use their problem-solving and interpersonal skills to enhance their job performance. Medical billing and coding can be a challenging and exciting career if you approach it with the right attitude.

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