Work and School: How to Balance the Workload

Work and School: How to Balance the Workload

Balancing Work and SchoolSummary: Balancing school and work can be a challenge, especially when they are not the only two things going on in your life. However, with a little planning and structure balancing the workload can be manageable. First finding a job that will allow for flexible hours will be very helpful when needing to work around class times. Second, when having a lot of little tasks that need to get done; knowing who you can delegate jobs to can be really helpful in not only lightening your load but also your stress level. Finally, getting adequate sleep is the perfect remedy for refreshing and recharging to get all you need done the following day.

Knowing your limits, keeping your health in your forefront and keeping focused on your goals can help a long way to helping manage and cope with the stress of both work and school life.

Original Article: Career Tips: Balancing School and Work 

Balancing both school and work is never an easy task, but it can be done by following some expert tips. If you are enrolled in a pharmacy technician program you may also be balancing some type of part-time work as well or maybe you are juggling school and full-time work. Here are some tips to help you keep you in check and keep you on the path to success:

  • Flexible hours. Choosing a job with flexible hours can help you balance school and work on a more even level. Hopefully, you can find work in a pharmacy as a cashier while you finish your pharmacy technician program. The hiring manager will appreciate it if you are honest about the hours your can put into the job because of school, and they will also respect you for handling both educational pursuits and a job as well.
  • Delegate. Delegating duties to others is often hard to do if you are a person that insists on doing it all. Don’t feel guilty about delegating duties to others in your household so you can get more pressing things done.
  • Sleep. Sleep is one of those little neglected things we all need.  Some people need more and some less, but a good 7 to 8 hours rest is essential for optimum performance in school and also necessary for good health.

Remember these tips the next time you feel like you need help balancing work and school.  Also, keep in mind the great rewards you will reap when you finish your pharmacy technician program!


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