Elektra A. – I would say Ach is the place for me

Erika TestimonialI am currently a student at Ach in the surgical tech program. My story I was enrolled in another school originally and that school ended up closing down on all the student but during the time when the students were still unclear about the future of the school and their education, the Ach staff members came to the school informing the students that they too had a surgical tech program and that they were willing to continue our education at their facility because they knew and understood that what was going on with that school was not anything to do with the student and that their education should not be postponed or effected because of something out of their control.

So I was more then willing to see what Ach had to offer because I was wanting to continue my education. When I started at Ach they were more then welcoming to me to their facility and showing me that my education and me as a person matters to them. I would say Ach is the place for me. I recommend for education

Elektra A. – Surgical Technology