5 Mistakes College Graduates Make When Job Hunting

5 Mistakes College Graduates Make When Job Hunting

Job Searching for College Graduates

Graduating from Medical Assistant college and getting a job is what many people dream about from the time they begin school. Parents and guidance counselors drum into students’ heads early on that success depends on the initiative. Somewhere along the line, that bit of simple advice gets lost.

After College, a website providing career advice polled 600 college students and found they had little idea how to succeed in today’s job market. According to the study, most graduating students fail to understand the job seeking game; as a result, they wind up missing out on the best opportunities.

Here are five things that 21st-century job applicants are doing wrong.

1. They do not Apply Often Enough

It is necessary, especially during tough economic times, to apply for almost every job within a given field. The days of selecting a few dream jobs have passed. Successful applicants are usually those who have a high number of applications floating around.

Applying often increases the odds of success. People should realize that in this high-tech environment, they no longer compete against only those in their area. Companies receive resumes from prospective employees around the world.

The After College study found that 44% of college students applied to between 1 and 5 jobs. Experts generally agree that 30 to 40 concurrent applicants are necessary to get a good position.

2. They do not Visit the School Career Counselor

Schools, such as the American College of Healthcare and Technology in Riverside and Huntington Park CA, provide career counseling to get students started on the right track. Most students view the office as a placement service. This thinking is a mistake.

The problem is a failure to understand the purpose of school counselors. Career services centers exist to guide job seekers. It is still necessary for college students to knock on doors themselves.

3. They do not Use Social Media Correctly

Applicants must realize that not all social networking sites are equal. Some websites focus more on the “social” than the “networking” side of the equation. For example, most people set up a Facebook profile to interact with and meet others. LinkedIn is more for professional connections.

Job seekers, nonetheless, continue to rely on Facebook to do something it is not set up to do. Applicants should focus their attentions on creating a LinkedIn profile that will get the interests of potential recruiters.

4. They do not Realize that Meeting in Person Still Matters.

After completing a web application, it is mandatory to do a followup. Unfortunately, many applicants think the online form is enough. They must really believe that the company will sift through the applications and find them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Success goes to those who either call, visit or email the person in charge of hiring. Meeting in person still matters.

Website applications alone mean little. After a college student contacts the company, the hiring representative will usually then look for the information submitted online. If everything is in order, the potential for an interview increases dramatically.

5. They Believe No Response Means Lack of Interest

Companies are inundated with applications. The people responsible for reviewing online submissions cannot possibly read all of them. Instead, in many cases, these individuals use any apparent discrepancy, no matter how small, to place an application at the “bottom of the proverbial pile.” To avoid this fate, successful job seekers do not take no for answer.

If there is no response within a reasonable time, those with initiative will contact the human resources department with a polite request for an answer as to why not. In some cases, they are then called in for an interview.

In summary, a good job seeker must always keep their eyes open and be aggressive in their job search. A good education is a great start but you also need to be persistent and put yourself out there. Use any means of networking to your advantage. This will give you your foot in the door to landing that dream job.

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