Medical Billing and Coding interview.

Medical Billing and Coding interview.

Medical Billing and Coding is one of the most unique programs in the medical field. We took some time to sit down and speak to American College of Healthcare and Technology’s MBC instructor to answer a few questions about the program.

What is a student going to learn in class that they won’t expect? “I think the number of insurance companies and the different kinds of insurance will surprise most students. We go over the background of some of these insurances because Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross are all different and they need to know the difference in the backgrounds. The amount of codes will surprise students as well.”

What can students expect on their externship? They are going to be coding from reports. Most of the students think they are going to take their book and code like that. In reality, you are going to get doctors reports and you will have to decipher what is in the report code it, and then bill it. The doctor is going to report on what he is reporting on, it is your job to know the code, but also translate the report to code.”

What is a small change a student can make to help them become a better MBC student? “You need to be able to work on your own. Unlike a lot of other programs here at American College of Healthcare and Technology, medical billing and coding you will be working alone a lot of time. Don’t always try and rely on someone else; don’t be afraid to Google something if you are confused. It’s kind of a career where you have to be independent

What is the most exciting thing a student is going to learn in class?  “One of the things that are the most fun to learn is that there is a code for everything. There are so many codes for one thing; a code can be different for a burn that is a 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree, where it can be found on the body and the size of the burn. You won’t even believe some of the stuff that is in the book. For anything that has ever happened to someone, there is a code in there for it.”

What is a tip you can give to a student to help them learn more effectively? “Students have to be able to pick up on medical terminology and anatomy. A lot of the time the students will not remember a lot of the medical terms they learn when they go into the office and a doctor writes something down and you don’t know what it is, you most likely won’t be able to find it in the book. Your job is to translate. If you don’t know the term to translate it into a code, you could get it wrong.”

What makes this course rewarding for students? “I think it is when they are able to code an entire report and not forget anything, they feel really accomplished. Because it is taking everything they are learning in class and putting it to the test. “

What advice could you give to your students? “You need to be here and you need to want it because I can’t give something to you that you aren’t willing to take. I’m willing to give you as much knowledge as I have, you have to be open-minded, and you need to be able to focus. You have to be able to set your personal life away from your school life.”

What is something in the MBC field that students won’t expect even after all their studies? “A lot of the students think they aren’t going to have to use their computer when they get into the field. Most of what is done with coding are done electronically and sent online. But you also have to have knowledge from the books and be able to code without a computer because if a system crashes or the net goes down you need to be able to know the codes and do it from hand as well.

What got you into teaching? “I like to see people succeed. I love to see people go out on extern, get a job, and turn what they learned into a career. It makes me feel good knowing that I was able to change someone’s life.”

Besides the curriculum, what else are you trying to teach your students?  “I’m teaching them to be reliable. They need to be relied on. MBC students need to be able to do their jobs or doctors won’t get paid, and they won’t get a paycheck. You have to be confident in yourself. No one can teach you confidence, we can say we believe in you, but that confidence comes from within.”

What is the most interesting part of the class? “When people start to go over how many codes there are. We go through the book and start to laugh at the sheer number of codes. Some of the e-codes which students learn to talk about how accidents happen. Students like to go through the book reading and skimming through the book and laughing at a number of codes and what the codes can stand for.”

Why should a student choose your class? “a number of opportunities you have as a coder are huge. It can be a part-time or full-time career; you can do it from a doctor’s office, a hospital or even from your own home. If you put the work in for long enough you can create your own business and work full time from home.

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