Clipping smaller dogs nails.

Clipping smaller dogs nails.

Clipping your pet’s nails is one of the most important things you need to do as a pet owner, and this is especially true with your dogs. Unlike cats that constantly take care of their own nails with scratching boards, and other things, dogs do not have such a luxury and it is important for your dog and its health that their nails remain in good condition.

Nails are important for your dog because they use them for self-defense, playing with toys, digging and many other activities. With dogs, their nails are not able to retract into their paws so keeping their nails trimmed is the best way to avoid them from catching onto things and tearing off or becoming damaged. Cutting dog’s dewclaws, the fifth, thumb-like digit is the most important of all the nails as it is weaker and more prone to catching onto objects.

Nail clippers can be found in your local pet stores or via online retailers. People should use clippers designed for pets and not human clippers as they are not as safe as the specialized ones. According to the American Kennel Club, certain clippers are better for certain dogs. Grinding clippers which are electric are better for bigger dogs with bigger and thicker nails, while guillotine clippers are better for medium to small dogs.  When cutting the nails, make sure you are careful and precise and to cut the small pink quick of their nails, cutting these is what causes your dog pain.

“Most animals are going to cooperate, but it is recommended that you work with a trained professional at first to properly learn to cut your smaller dog’s nails. Even though they are smaller, it is important to not let them wiggle too much so you don’t damage the quick.” American College of Healthcare and Technology’s veterinary assistant instructor says. “It’s really important to do this safely and not damage the quick of the nail because if you do they may not cooperate in the future; they could bleed, and if the quick is cut, could develop infections as well.”

Clear nails are the easiest nails to work on for smaller dogs because the pink quick is clearly visible to the eye, while darker nails should be worked on even more carefully, taking off smaller segments at a time to assure that the quick of the nail remains undamaged.

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