Tips for Moms Returning to School

Tips for Moms Returning to School Whether you’re a single mother or you and your partner are juggling a family together, making the choice to continue your education after having children is a great way to empower yourself. But, going back to school as a mom has a unique set of challenges. No one should […]

Health Careers are in Demand – ACHT Can Help

You might think it takes a four-year degree to land a job in the medical field but that is simply not true. Here at American College of Healthcare and Technology, you can earn a certificate in as little as 8 months. When you choose ACHT as your place of learning, you will be well on […]

Helping Others – A Career in Massage Therapy

If you enjoy helping others heal and relax through touch, a career in massage therapy may be a good choice for you. Here at American College of Healthcare and Technology we offer a combined Physical Therapy Aide/Massage Therapy training program to give you the skills you need to have a successful career as a massage […]

Physical Therapy: Career Outlook

Interested in careers in physical therapy? Whether you’re curious about becoming a physical therapy aide or a doctor of physical therapy, it’s useful to study the career outlook for the field. The good news: the physical therapy career outlook might be even better than the outlook for all healthcare professions. Let’s start with the bare […]

What this Month’s Proposed Legislation Means for Riverside Physical Therapy

On July 8, the Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee of California’s State Senate approved a new bill that will affect riverside physical therapy (as well as other physical therapy practices across California) if it’s passed. (It passed unanimously in the committee, but that just means that it progresses to another committee for approval at […]

Athletic Physical Therapy 101: The 6 Parts

In a previous post, we discussed the different types of physical therapy and the benefits of physical therapy for many groups of people. Here, we’ll discuss athletic physical therapy (also called sports physical therapy) in more detail, discussing the techniques and benefits of physical therapy for physically active people. Athletic physical therapy is a specialization […]

A Day in the Life of a Physical Therapy Aide

Physical therapy aide is one of the most hands-on career paths that ACHT can train you for. You’ll usually be directly involved with patients, helping them with their exercises, setting up their treatment spaces, and doing other important jobs around a physical therapists’ office. In this post, we envision what a day in the life […]