Tips for Moms Returning to School

Tips for Moms Returning to School Whether you’re a single mother or you and your partner are juggling a family together, making the choice to continue your education after having children is a great way to empower yourself. But, going back to school as a mom has a unique set of challenges. No one should […]

Tips to pass your licensing exams

In Surgical Technology and Physical Therapy Aide/Massage therapy students must take an exam to be licensed in California. Here are some tips to help make sure you pass your exams. Study hard and study often: You won’t pass any of your exams if you don’t study, these exams that cover everything that you have learned […]

How to take better notes

Taking notes is one of the most important parts of your college career. Here are some tips that will make your note-taking more effective. Organize everything- If you are going to write your notes in the same notebook for multiple subjects and modules when the notes are completed, hole punch them and organize them in […]