COVID-19 Resources

ACHT College Campus Visits

American College of Healthcare & Technology prioritizes the safety of our staff, students, and visitors. Please observe the following guidelines prior to visiting the campus:
  • Most student services can be handled remotely, however, if you must visit campus, you must do so by appointment only.  Please call 1-888-430-4224 for further instructions.  
  • You will be called the morning of your appointment for a health screen check.  If you have any symptoms related to Covid, we will reschedule your appointment or make every effort to accommodate your request remotely.
  • Masks or face coverings that fully cover the nose and mouth are required at all times while on campus.
  • Temperature checks via a contactless thermometer is required prior to entering the school.
  • You must maintain a minimum 6 feet distance from other people, except members of your household, at all times while on campus.
We appreciate your efforts and understanding in helping keep our community safe.

Information on Where to Get The Covid-19 Vaccine

Riverside County: COVID-19 Vaccine (

Los Angeles County: LA County COVID-19 Vaccine - LA County Department of Public Health

Orange County: Orange County Health care Authority

Additional Resources: Learn More about COVID-19

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health provides daily updates, protocols, and data trends regarding COVID-19 in Los Angeles County. Stay in the “Know” and stay safe.

Riverside County Public Health

Orange County Health Care Agency

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

The CDC provides updated information about COVID-19, along with helpful tips on staying healthy, and exercising the most appropriate protective measures.

U.S State Department

The U.S State Department offers advisories for safe traveling for select countries during COVID-19

Tips for staying healthy

Healthy Hygiene

The CDC recommends that we wash our hands multiple times throughout the day. Scrub your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Hand sanitizers do not get rid of ALL types of germs but can be effective in reducing the number of germs in most situations. Use hand sanitizer when you cannot use soap and water.

Monitor Your Health

Remember to stay home if you feel sick, and always monitor your health. If you have been on campus 21 days within testing positive for COVID-19 or have been in close contact with an individual who has tested positive, please notify Lourdes at the campus at 310-826-7622.

Stay Accurately Informed

Make sure you are providing yourself with accurate information. The internet can provide a lot of false resources. Please refer to the “Additional Resources” Section for reputable sites regarding COVID-19 updates. These include the CDC, Public Health Department, and the US State Department.