Duration: 100 Hours
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge in Architectural, Structural, Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) or Construction.

Materials Provided: Book and Computer Station

Methods of Instruction: Lecture, Reading, Hands-on assignments, and projects (trainees are encouraged if allowed, to bring actual work projects).

Course Description: This course is designed to expand and enhance trainee’s knowledge and ability in their respective field and combine it with Revit design technique and capabilities to produce drawing plans. Last third of the course trainees will concentrate on their respective discipline. Trainees will learn the user interfaces, working in 3D, design options, schedules (typical and custom and managing), phasing (past, present, and future), collaboration between disciplines-management & workflow, families creation-beginners to advanced- building it smarter, automation, customization, set-up, and standards, rendering, lights, camera, and action.

Qualification for State-funded CADD Training

  • Employers – must be for-profit and pay California unemployment tax
  • Employee (Trainee) – must be permanent full-time (minimum 35 hours a week).
  • Employee (Trainee) – must earn a minimum $22.77 per hour (if making less please contact [email protected]).
  • Employee (Trainee) – must complete the class.
  • Employee (Trainee) – must remain with the employer 90 days after completion of training.
  • Contribution of $180.00 for each trainee book and registration fee. (non-refundable)
  • Other qualifications may apply.

Get Started

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