8 Important Interview Tips

8 Important Interview Tips Getting a call for an interview once you’ve applied for a job is always exciting. It means you’re one step closer to getting hired and kicking off your career after graduating from the American College of Healthcare and Technology. But, an interview can either make or break your chances of landing […]

What Can You Expect in ACHT’s Medical Assistant Program?

What Can You Expect in ACHT’s Medical Assistant Program? If you’re thinking about signing up for the American College of Healthcare and Technology’s Medical Assistant Program, but you want to know what you’re getting into ahead of time, we’re here to help! It’s easy to think that all Medical Assistant programs are the same, but […]

5 Tips to Remain Professional in the Workplace

5 Tips to Remain Professional in the Workplace Whether you’ve never been in a professional work environment, or you’re going back to work after being out of the “business” world for a long time, it’s always important to maintain a professional demeanor. The American College of Healthcare and Technology will help to give you the […]

Tips for Moms Returning to School

Tips for Moms Returning to School Whether you’re a single mother or you and your partner are juggling a family together, making the choice to continue your education after having children is a great way to empower yourself. But, going back to school as a mom has a unique set of challenges. No one should […]

Choosing the Right Medical Assistant Training Program

Choosing the Right Medical Assistant Training Program If you’re interested in becoming a Medical Assistant, but you’re not sure where to get started, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The most important thing you can do to start your journey is to find the right training program. Of course, the right Medical Assistant training program starts […]

Healthcare Careers that are Booming – Don’t Miss the Opportunity

If you’re considering a move to the healthcare career industry, then now is definitely the time to make the switch. Healthcare careers are expected to have high projected growth over the next 10 years. Despite the fact that the economy has slowed down, the health care industry is booming because people’s need for health care […]

Top Reasons to Work as a Massage Therapist

A career as a massage therapist can be very rewarding, both financially and psychologically. Practitioners of the art experience many benefits that they might not otherwise have if they were to choose a different path within the healthcare industry. First, there is the obvious satisfaction that comes with helping people. Many tout the amazing benefits […]

Is Becoming a Medical Assistant the Right Career For You?

First, we need to understand a little of what medical assistants do – they perform administrative tasks to keep the offices of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors and other health practitioners running smoothly. The duties vary from office to office depending on the location and size of the practice, as well as the practitioner’s particular speciality. In […]

Qualifications to Become a Medical Assistant

These days, medical assistants are in high demand. So, it is very much essential to know about the qualifications that one needs to have in order to become a medical assistant. Let us take a look at the various possible streams that a person can choose, or the various courses that a person can choose […]

How to Become a Medical Assistant

At the preliminary stage it is crucial to understand the designation “Medical Assistant”.  He/she is a degree certified individual capable of assisting doctors and nurses, physicians in their routine medical procedures. It is basically co-ordination of simple tasks assigned by the head and the chores require efficiency. Mostly you will find medical assistants working in […]