Benefits of a Career as a Medical Administrative Assistant

Benefits of a Career as a Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical Administrative AssistantWorking in the healthcare field is a positive life altering experience. Obtaining a degree as a medical administrative assistant is a smart move on many levels. There’s no doubt that choosing a career in this field has many benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the perks of a career as a medical administrative assistant.


Job Increase

Choosing a career that you can do throughout your lifetime can be tough in today’s economy. That is where choosing a medical administrative assistant degree is a smart move. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics confirms that medical secretaries should expect a 25 per cent job increase between 2008 and 2018.

Job Skills

Going to college for a medical administrative degree encourages many job skills and not just one. You will work one-on-one with medical professionals as well as patients. Your ability to make people feel comfortable and process information will become a valuable tool. During your schooling, you can expect to obtain valuable skills like scheduling, handling payroll, and using medical software to use during your lifelong career. Stay tuned because you will also learn many other valuable skills to help you do your job.


Choosing to work in the medical field not only provides job security, but a nice stipend as well. Medical administrative assistants can expect to make around $32, 410 a year which is equal to around $15 an hour. This is dependent on where you live and the cost of living. One thing is for certain: as your experience increases, so does the potential to earn more money.


Working in a career in which you have value is priceless. Helping others in ways only a medical administrative assistant can help is important. Whether it is scheduling an appointment or figuring out paperwork for a patient, your expertise is valuable. Helping others is not just a career choice, it’s a calling and one of the many reasons you might choose this career path. You will most likely leave work every day feeling as though you made the difference in the life of someone else.


One aspect of working as a medical administrative assistant is the power to choose where you work. This career choice offers you a chance to work as an admitting clerk, receptionist, or as a transcriptionists. You can even choose to go further and become licensed in various certifications. This is a fulfilling career path that only you have the power to choose to go down.

Wouldn’t it be great to come to work and experience something different every day? Working as a medical administrative assistant is not a daily grind career; it’s a path that you can enjoy for many years to come. There are a multitude of benefits for choosing a career as a medical administrative assistant. It’s a flexible career that offers competitive pay and a rewarding future.

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