What are my Career Prospects as a Medical Assistant?

What are my Career Prospects as a Medical Assistant?

Medical AssistantWhen it’s time to dive into the healthcare field, you may be wondering what your prospects are. Well, there are many career prospects when you choose to work as a medical assistant. If you’re ready to find out what those career prospects are then it’s time to follow along.


Working in a hospital as a medical assistant may be the job for you. A career in this setting will allow you to assist other medical professionals, and work with patients one on one. You may assist in giving injections, preparing treatment rooms, and even scheduling appointments. The options and duty list is extremely flexible when you work in a hospital setting as a medical assistant.


Are you looking to help patients in an emergency setting? Perhaps an ambulance or emergency setting as a medical assistant might be for you. Working in this setting will allow you to respond to life threatening situations, measure vital signs, and prep patients for potential surgeries. Medical assistants may assist others in an ambulance setting or they may have a chance to lead others in this career choice.

Nursing Care Facilities

What better way to spend your days than working with the wisest people of the world? Nursing care facilities call for those who enjoy working with the elderly and have a deep passion for helping them live their day to day lives. The duties involved in this type of job setting as a medical assistant could vary, depending on your job description. You could expect anything from medical prep to scheduling appointments to assisting other medical professionals in their positions.

Physician Office

If you love working with patients and assisting physicians, then perhaps a physician office setting is for you. Working in this position, you get a one on one chance to talk with the public that enter the office you work at. You will also be responsible for ensuring patient confidentiality is kept, ethical standards are in place, and so on. There are many different physician settings available to work in; the hard part is choosing which setting is right for you.

Keep in mind that a medical assistant’s role really depends on the laws of that state. Some laws allow medical assistants to work a little closer in healthcare settings and some medical assistants may be a little more restricted. Before deciding on this type of career it may be wise to look up healthcare laws in your state.

Getting prepared

Preparing for a career as a medical assistant with the right college will ensure you have a very stealthy and rewarding career. Working as a medical assistant will prepare you to communicate with the public and the physician you’re working with, understand basic pharmaceutical principles, and more.

If you’re ready to take on a career like any of the aforementioned prospects, then get in touch with the American College of Healthcare and Technology today.