Sonja W – I love this college

I started ACHT 6 months ago, I have two more months to go until I am finished with my program and begin my externship. Growing up my mom always stressed school was important if I wanted to be successful, and not struggle like she did raising 5 kids on low income.

So I always tried to get the best of grades that I could and also played basketball at King high school in Riverside were I eventually earned a scholarship to Baylor University located in Texas but lost my scholarship not long after receiving it due to an ACL tear in my knee preventing me from playing for an whole year. After my first tear I tore my ACL two more times due to basketball when I was playing at RCC located in Riverside.

Basketball was coming to an end and I didn’t know what life had in store for me after that but while attending physical therapy for my knee I became to love it an ACHT had a program so I looked into it an can say I love this college, my peers, and the guidance and confidence I have acquired while going here.

– Sonja W, Massage/Physical Therapy Aide