Sarah S. – We have a good time learning

I am a current student with ACHT. I started in September on the eleventh. I started off with Medical Terminology, Mrs.Shawn being the instructor. I wanted to give special thanks to Mrs.Shawn for getting me motivated into this field!! I have been out of school since 2001, and coming to ACHT has been a big choice that I made.

Walking into Mrs.Shawn’s class has opened my eyes to an exciting future. She has a way of teaching that is serious but at the same time we have a good time learning. She strikes all the learning styles and you do not know you are even learning anything.

She always has a smile on her face and appears to be positive during the time she was in the class with us. Mrs.Shawn was the one person who I can honestly say I needed the most when walking into this field. I am happy that I have chosen to catch my education at ACHT.

Sarah S. – Surgical Technology