Health Careers are in Demand – ACHT Can Help

You might think it takes a four-year degree to land a job in the medical field but that is simply not true. Here at American College of Healthcare and Technology, you can earn a certificate in as little as 8 months. When you choose ACHT as your place of learning, you will be well on […]

Here’s How CA Leads Cancer Care: Groundbreaking Cancer Reporting in California

In his last State of the Union Address, President Obama highlighted VP Joe Biden’s decision to forego the 2016 Democratic nomination in favor of working to “make America the country that cures cancer once and for all.” Since then, the plan has often been called a “moonshot to cure cancer” – an effort as ambitious […]

4 Reasons Schools for Medical Assisting Need to be Accredited

We mention several times on our site that our school and programs are accredited, unlike some schools for medical assisting. But why is accreditation so important to us? First, let’s talk about accreditation. Accreditation is a review process during which an outside organization ensures that our school meets the national standards for health education. The […]

Why I Chose a Medical Administration School in California A Guest Post

My friends and relatives ask me about my career decisions all the time: why did I choose a medical administration school? Why California? I’ve decided to post a blog about it, mostly so I can stop repeating myself but also to share my reasoning with people who might be curious about this career track. Growing […]

A Day in the Life of a Medical Administrative Assistant

Of all the programs we offer at ACHT, our Medical Administrative Assistant program probably prepares you for the most variable set of working conditions and job descriptions. In this blog post, we’ll do our best to give you a picture of what it’s like to work as a medical administrative assistant. Medical administrative assistants are […]