Tips for Moms Returning to School

Tips for Moms Returning to School Whether you’re a single mother or you and your partner are juggling a family together, making the choice to continue your education after having children is a great way to empower yourself. But, going back to school as a mom has a unique set of challenges. No one should […]

Veterinary Assistant students take a field trip to the San Diego Zoo

The veterinary assistant students went on a field trip to the San Diego Zoo; we talked to the instructor to see what they learned What did you learn while at the zoo?  “They learned about a lot of different species. They looked for ailments that can affect those animals. They also got a chance to […]

Veterinary Assistant instructor interview.

We sat down with the Veterinary Assistant teacher here at the American College of Healthcare and Technology to better understand our program. Our program is an 8-month program at the Riverside and Huntington Park locations of the school where you will learn in the classroom as well as the lab by taking vital signs, administering […]

Veterinary Assistant program overview

Working with animals can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, especially for those who are pet owners themselves. If you have a love of animals, then becoming a veterinary assistant is an excellent career path for you. Here at American College of Healthcare and Technology we have a course that will give you all the […]

Health Careers are in Demand – ACHT Can Help

You might think it takes a four-year degree to land a job in the medical field but that is simply not true. Here at American College of Healthcare and Technology, you can earn a certificate in as little as 8 months. When you choose ACHT as your place of learning, you will be well on […]

Man’s Best Friend Could Get a Healthcare Job: Blood Sugar Monitor

As a veterinary assistant, you might find yourself caring for a pooch who’s more than just a pet: he might actually be about to get a healthcare job! We’re not talking about seeing-eye dogs, although they do tremendous work and make worlds of difference for the visually impaired. Actually, in a recent NPR story called […]

Should I Get a Veterinary Assistant Certificate in CA?

Outside of the obvious benefit of working as a vet assistant (if you’re like most veterinary assistants, you’ll be in love with your job and the animals you get to work with), you might be asking, “Should I get a veterinary assistant certificate in CA? After all, I don’t need a certificate to work as […]