Diana U. – Great teachers!

Great teachers! I would definitely recommend the mbc program! I learned a lot and got hired right after extern.

Elektra A. – I would say Ach is the place for me

I am currently a student at Ach in the surgical tech program. My story I was enrolled in another school originally and that school ended up closing down on all the student but during the time when the students were still unclear about the future of the school and their education, the Ach staff members […]

Aaleesa E. – I’m proud to have continued my education here

Since going back to school after I graduated high school in 2008, I must say it’s been a journey. I began my voyage at CCA in 2013. During my time there I lost my father and had to take a leave of absence. When I returned from leave the school had definitely changed. It went […]

Rashyana D. – I enrolled and I’m very satisfied

I started ACHT on may 19, I was kinda skeptic considering it was a trade school, But I didn’t let what I’ve heard interfere. I enrolled and I’m very satisfied with my results so far, All the instructors are excellent, They are all understanding and just want to see all their students succeed and to […]

Sarah S. – We have a good time learning

I am a current student with ACHT. I started in September on the eleventh. I started off with Medical Terminology, Mrs.Shawn being the instructor. I wanted to give special thanks to Mrs.Shawn for getting me motivated into this field!! I have been out of school since 2001, and coming to ACHT has been a big […]

Sonja W – I love this college

I started ACHT 6 months ago, I have two more months to go until I am finished with my program and begin my externship. Growing up my mom always stressed school was important if I wanted to be successful, and not struggle like she did raising 5 kids on low income.