Healthcare Fields Rise in Need and Growth

Summary: Opportunities in the medical field are continuing to grow and interest in healthcare fields are ever-so increasing. According to Brookings Institution, a policy research company located in Washington, around 7.4 million of the 12.1 million employees of the healthcare field have less than a four-year degree. This is an astounding 61% of all healthcare […]

Positive Impacts of Physical Therapy on Seniors

Summary: The current life span is growing each year, with now projections that those who once believed to pass away around the age of 65 will now live to be closer to the age of 90. Physical therapy has been proven to help those with injuries and illnesses recover and strengthen their muscles. Many people […]

The Life and Job of a Pharmacy Technician

Summary: Pharmacy technicians work under licensed pharmacists and doctors. They are responsible for helping fill and refill prescriptions, helping customers get the medications they are prescribed and organizing the prescriptions in the pharmacy for systematic accuracy. A pharmacy technician must know the ins and outs of the prescription process, to make sure that everything is […]

10 Important Interview Questions for the Healthcare Field

Summary: The interview is the key to getting the dream job you always wanted. Many people, however; come to the interview thinking they are prepared but stumble over questions they were not expecting. By looking into some of the top rated interview questions as well as some of the not so common medical field interview […]

Massage Therapy to Relieve Pain in Those with Multiple Sclerosis

Summary: Within the world’s population, there is an estimated 2.3 million people who suffer from pain and symptoms of multiple sclerosis disease. These symptoms can include, muscle spasms, poor circulation, anxiety, stress and severe and chronic pain. Study conducted by various therapists, doctors, and researchers has now shown the massage therapy can help alleviate some […]

Healthcare Jobs With Good Pay and Fewer Schooling

Summary: An estimated 61% of all those in the healthcare field do not hold a four year degree. The majority of healthcare professions with the exception of MD’s can be obtained with certifications and two-year program degrees. Surgical technicians and assistants are just one example. Making an average of $50,000 to $70,000 a year, surgical […]

What is a Medical Coder?

Summary: A medical coder works in the medical billing department working with medical billers to make sure each medical record and bill is correct to each patient. Each medical procedure and type of patient interaction has a specific number or code. This code is based on a system of two codes; a CPT Code and […]

5 Steps to Help Prepare for a Medical Job Interview

Summary: Going into a career in the medical field usually requires countless hours, time, money, and education to adequately prepare you to meet qualifications and experience. However, preparing for the job interview can make sure that all the time and energy spent does not go to waste. Taking some simple steps will help you make […]

Surgical Technician: Job Outlook

Summary: A surgical technician prepares the patient for surgery, sterilized the equipment, assists the surgeon with tools and instruments during the surgery, and maintains a sterile environment before, during, and after the procedure. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there is an outlook for 30% job growth from 2012 to 2022. After conducting various […]

Physical Therapist Aide Considered the Fastest Growing Profession in America

Summary: A physical therapist aide works under the head physical therapist. They deal with the patient directly going over the stretches, exercises, and theraputic technicques that were recommended by the physical therapist. According the the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career of a physical therapist aide is expected to grow about 41% between the years […]