5 Mistakes College Graduates Make When Job Hunting

Graduating from Medical Assistant college and getting a job is what many people dream about from the time they begin school. Parents and guidance counselors drum into students’ heads early on that success depends on the initiative. Somewhere along the line, that bit of simple advice gets lost. After College, a website providing career advice […]

3 Top Recruiters Give Job Tips to New Grads

Be Memorable To Land The Job If you’ve ever peppered your resume and cover letter with keywords like “team player” and “fast learner,” you’re not alone. You’re also not alone if your job-search strategy got you nowhere. It’s likely because while you made it through the employers’ job-matching software, where candidate skills get matched with […]

5 Recruiters Share What They Look For When Hiring

Job hunting takes research, persistence, and getting out of your comfort zone. It can get really tricky and competitive so you need to take advantage of anything that will give you an edge when job searching. The article below gives insights into 5 leading job recruiters and what they look for when they are hiring […]

4 Easy Steps to Becoming a Medical Assistant

If you’re looking to start a career but don’t know where to start, becoming a Medical Assistant could be an option for you. Medical Assistants make great money and only require a short amount of training before you can you go out and land that dream job. Step 1: Understand the Field of a Medical […]

10 Helpful Study Tips Supported By Science!

Life can get hectic sometimes and the stuff we read doesn’t quite stick to our brains as much as we’d like. Here are some great tips with scientific explanations tips that will make all that precious information memorable when it’s time to ace that test. 1) Change your environment. Studies show that when you change […]

You Can Win a Free Tablet For Sharing Your Story!

We would love for you to share your success story from your time at American College of Healthcare and Technology. We are hoping that your testimony will help current and future students achieve their dreams and inspire them to write their own success stories. As a thank you we are offering a free Nexus 7 […]

7 Huge Technological Innovations in Healthcare in 2014

Summary: Technology in the healthcare field is constantly increasing and new innovations are coming out on a daily basis. With advancements in athletics, education, and science, technology trends are soaring. The technological improvements that have been made in the healthcare field have made a significant impact on policies, procedures, and everyday medical tasks. First, microchips […]

Great Phone Interview Tips. Make a Good Impression!

Summary: So now that you’ve got the proper education it’s time for you to go out there and start your career. Phone interviews are an important part of the job seeking process so you should be well prepared when you get one. In comparison to in-person interviews and Skype interviews, phone interviews can be harder […]

Research Shows More Benefits of Massage Therapy

Summary: Although there are many conflicting statements about the benefits of massage therapy, the National Institute of Health is reporting that their research is pointing to positive benefits in all realms of massage therapy. As studies are conducted it has been established that massage therapy has been proven to help reduce pain in chronic neck […]

How to Stand Out in the Group Interview

Summary: After graduating from college or a technical school you might be in for some interesting Group Interviews when you start applying for jobs. Group interviews can be intimidating for many candidates, knowing how to stand out and make the cut will make the group interview become less of a stress. One mistake that many […]