4 Personality Types for a Medical Biller & Coder

Since it seems like a niche occupation, it might not be easy to see how people with different personality types might be suited to becoming a medical biller & coder. But a medical biller & coder can enjoy a lifestyle that compatible with many different personality types. Here are a few we’ve noticed around campus […]

Pharmacy Technician Careers: 1500 BC to Present

Did you know that pharmacy technician careers are some of the oldest jobs in the history of civilization? In fact, as far back as 1500 BC, ancient Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets (among the earliest samples of written language) recorded prescriptions for various herbs (and sometimes religious rituals). Back then, pharmacy technician careers were probably pretty low-tech, […]

Should I Get a Veterinary Assistant Certificate in CA?

Outside of the obvious benefit of working as a vet assistant (if you’re like most veterinary assistants, you’ll be in love with your job and the animals you get to work with), you might be asking, “Should I get a veterinary assistant certificate in CA? After all, I don’t need a certificate to work as […]

How to Get a Job as a Dental Assistant in 4 Steps

Alright, so you just graduated and you need to know how to get a job as a Dental Assistant. Especially if you’re searching for a job online (and who isn’t?), there are a few basic things you can do to make it easier to search and get hired for a job. Here we go! 1. […]

How Much Does a Medical Assistant Make?

The Potential of the Medical Assistant Position You can make a great career as a Medical Assistant and all it requires is some basic training that can be completed in as little as 35 weeks. A medical assistant offers a great deal of potential for earnings and job advancement in the healthcare field. A medical […]

Jobs in the Healthcare Field are Increasing

Opportunities in the medical field are continuing to grow and interest in healthcare fields are ever-so increasing. According to Brookings Institution, a policy research company located in Washington, around 7.4 million of the 12.1 million employees in the healthcare field have less than a four-year degree. This is an astounding 61% of all healthcare workers. […]

5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Beat Procrastination

Average people and busy families aren’t the only ones who struggle with procrastination. This common habit affects people of all ages, income brackets, and education levels. Apparently, even professionals like psychologists can fall victim to this common issue. A recent review from PsyBlog looks at all the studies that been conducted on this bad habit. […]

ACHT Pharmacy Technician Program Photo Gallery

We are so proud of our Pharmacy Tech students! Here is a photo gallery of our Pharmacy Technician program. If you’ve got any questions or would like to tour our campus just contact us through the form on the right and we’ll help you get started on your path to a new career 🙂 We […]

The Top 5 Growing Healthcare Fields in the Nation

The healthcare field is a rapidly growing career path and many people are choosing to enter into this fun and exciting career. However, the need for these jobs is also reaching new records as well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between the years 2012 and 2022 there is a projected job growth of […]

ACHT August Graduation Photos – Speaker Mayor Rusty Bailey

We had the wonderful honor of having Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey speak at our August 2014 Graduation ceremony. We want to congratulate all our wonderful recent ACHT graduates! Thank you so much for making this even so wonderful. We are proud of all of you! For more pictures of the event visit this link: ACHT […]